…Why Ask For The CASK?

Well first because it easy to remember, as it rhymes with our name-which is CASK 420

And next, because once people realize we’re the first spirit brand crafted for those of us who still value originality, authenticity and real experiences…we really won’t need to say anything else  

…Would it be helpful to let people know that our flagship product which just hit select markets is a super-premium, Puerto Rican, spiced rum infused with some impressive strains of Cannabis Sativa-L? 


And it wouldn’t hurt to let you know that we’ll be rolling out a full line of “Powered By Cask420” premium spirits    

…But aside from that, any other questions you may have can be answered in iust four words 

Ask For The Cask 

​…Ask for The Recipes

…Where to


11800 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 3361


8585 Criterion Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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